The MobilSign 

  • advanced security
  • biometry-based
  • probative force
  • certified
  • equivalent to handwriting
  • complies with the relevant regulations
  • an electronic signature and archiving system, which supports paperless electronic document management and archiving.
A MobileSign 

Signature system

The MobilSign Signature System is capable of recording the dynamics of a handwritten signature, it produces the advanced electronic signature and assigns it to PDF documents.


Archiving system

MobilSign Archiving system is an electronic archiving solution, which receives electronically signed data, proves its authenticity and ensures that the received data cannot be violated and remains valid for a long period of time.


Authentic Copy Production System

The MobilSign Authentic Copy Production System creates authentic electronic copies of paper-based documents.


Technical background

The MobilSign system operates in a client-server architecture, which performs authorization-based server-side electronic document authentication.


Policies, documents

MobilSign Ltd. policies in force and archived policies

Compliance with the law

Compliance with the advanced signature as defined by Act XXXV of 2001 requires the following: