Archiving system

MobilSign Archiving system is an electronic archiving solution, which receives electronically signed data, proves its authenticity and ensures that the received data cannot be violated and remains valid for a long period of time.

Receipt: MobilSign receives information submitted for archival, analyses it based on formal and validity requirements, and informs the sender of the results of the analysis.

Archival: The method to ensure the long-term authenticity of a document is that before it loses its authenticity, it is provided with a secure algorithm and a time stamp with key sizes, then this time stamped data set is also time stamped. With the help of this time stamp chain and stronger algorithms it can be positively proven that the examined information and document existed at a specific time, before it became weaker (and forgeable).

Exporting: It is possible to export the evidence of the authenticity of a document on a web-based administration surface (or on automatic surfaces if requested).  The system can also determine whether the document sent with the request is identical with the original document.