Company information
MobilSign Kft. was founded in 2014 for the development and market introduction of the product MobilSign.  The advisory and support team of MobilSign has been an active player of the Hungarian security technology market since the year 2000. It has participated in significant development activities and market introductions since then (see the case studies.)

The development team of MobilSign has taken part in development projects for mobile devices in several European countries (Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany). In each case, the clients of these projects were local mobile service providers.   Besides general mobile applications, the projects included banking solutions as well, using which clients could access their bank account data and even initiate investments. Various security solutions were used in the projects, including cryptographic methods using symmetric keys, and in some cases technologies based on public-key architecture.

Fields of expertise
The main area of expertise of MobilSign Kft. is consultancy and application development in the field of electronic signature systems and long-term archiving systems. MobilSign is capable of designing and implementing complete enterprise-level systems,

right from conceptualization to implementation and operation support in the following areas:

  • Advanced signature systems involving hand-written signatures and biometric identification.
  • systems under Act XXXV of 2001 (and the superseding laws, see Bill T/7392)
  • Long-term archiving systems defined under Decree 114/2007 (XII.29.) of the Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport (GKM)
  • systems under Decree 13/2005 (X. 27.) of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (IHM) on the rules of creating electronic copies of paper-based documents
  • systems complying with CEN/TS 419 241 (Security Requirements for Trustworthy Systems Supporting Server Signing)
  • Systems in compliance with the CWA14170:2004 standard