Signature system

The MobilSign Signature System is capable of recording the dynamics of a handwritten signature, it produces the advanced electronic signature and assigns it to PDF documents.

MobilSign-systemThe system calculates and stores the data related to the dynamics of handwriting, and inserts the evidence record and its seal into the PDF file. The PDF containing the image of the handwritten signature is supplied with an advanced electronic signature.

The control software developed for MobilSign can establish the link between a PDF signed in hand and the evidence record, and can produce a special file based on the evidence record  – viewable in a protected environment – by which a handwriting expert is able to examine the validity of the signature.

The MobilSign system is a certified electronic signature product, which is capable of the production and initial control of the advanced electronic signature included in Act XXXV of 2001. Initial control means the consideration that for the examination probative force, besides the examination of the electronic signature in the resulting document an expert examination of the biometric information stored in the evidence record is also necessary.