Authentic Copy Production System

The MobilSign Authentic Copy Production System creates authentic electronic copies of paper-based documents.

The copy production process has multiple steps:

  • At first, the paper documents are scanned, which results in non-authentic electronic copies.
  • The person producing the scanned copy visually inspects the scan and establishes that the images of the electronic and paper versions are identical.
  • Then the system automatically supplies the non-authentic copies with an authentication clause and metadata.
  • The resulting electronic copy PDF documents are supplied with an advanced security electronic signature and a timestamp from a certified service provider. It may either performed by a person or the server-side component of the system.
  • The quality assurance personnel can monitor the copy production process and the end result in the system.
  • The authentic copies are then transferred to the background systems through the integration surfaces of the system.

The MobilSign Archiving system ensures the long-term preservation of the validity of the electronic signatures on the electronic copies.