Technical background

The MobilSign system operates in a client-server architecture, which performs authorization-based server-side electronic document authentication.

The server is responsible for the performance of the physical signature process, the protection of the evidence records, and the management of the integration surfaces towards company systems. MobilSign receives the documents designated for signature at the integration points primarily in PDF format, handles the metadata of the document, and makes it accessible on the proper channels. On the client-side, MobilSign SDK provides the authentic visualization (presentation) of the document to be signed, and collects the biometric information during signature.

Features of the MobilSign system:

  • Scalable: both horizontally and vertically scalable in accordance with the growing performance requirements.
  • Robust: the independent function modules are error-proof, observation of the internal interfaces is strictly enforced.
  • Integrable: it uses standardized security protocols which can be used with the background systems.
  • Modular: the system can be improved along unique requirements without the need to redesign it.
  • Secure: strict authorization management, strong internal cryptographic protection on data packages, implements the safety mechanisms required by international standards.
  • Standardized
    • supports most generally used cryptographic systems (PKCS#11, CryptoAPI
    • meets the requirements of CEN/TS 419 241 and CWA14170:2004.
    • fulfils the requirements of logical protection measures in NIST Special Publication 800-53 Revision 4, included in the security specifications of the system.