Preparation for audit

Each implementation of the MobilSign system is uniquely examined and certified by an independent certifying body.

MobilSign Kft. undertakes to prepare the software, the implemented processes and the constructed infrastructure as a single system for the security audit of the independent certifying body.

Thus the system analysis and certification is not about the security certification of the components and products in the system, but the system as a whole.

Section 4 (4) of Act XXXV of 2001 is also important for the application and certification of the MobilSign system:

"If the electronic signature product has the certificate issued by the certification bodies accredited by professional accreditation committees defined in Act XXIX of 1995 on the accreditation of certification and supervisory bodies and laboratories, and appointed by the minister responsible for information technology, and by a certifying body under Section 7 (3) therein, then, unless proven otherwise, it shall be presumed that an electronic signature product is secure and complies with the other requirements specified in the certificate. "

For the MobilSign environment certification, the MobilSign staff analyzes the system settings and provides and expert opinion on its compliance. This expert opinion guarantees that the system will pass the independent security audit of the system. If this internal audition is performed every year, the client can be sure that the system is used properly and prevents any attempts of misuse.